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To collect feedback from event participants we use a Google form in English and German.

For participants who prefer not filling it out on their phone or PC we also provide printed copies that are attached as PDFs below.

Statistics & Feedback 2022

Rationality Freiburg started in May of 2022 and we had lots of fantastic events this year. 15 to be precise! On average 7 people attended every meetup, 2 of them completely new. The maximum was 12 people and the minimum 3 people.

Our Social Contract

What is the purpose of our meetups? Surprisingly, not an easy question to answer. For me, it is having a place and time where I am challenged, surprised and intellectually stimulated. Where I feel safe to share a part of myself. Where I can learn and grow.

LWCW (LessWrong Community Weekend) 2022, Berlin

“Who wants to brag about something they did last week?”

That was the question posed to the entire circle of people sitting in a park in the center of Berlin. And then one by one people started bragging and everyone else cheered them on.

Personal Calibration

When I say I’m 80% sure I will have that project done by Friday, what do I mean by that? What I should mean is that in 8 out of 10 similar situations I would be done by Friday and in 2 out of 10 I would not. In reality people are frequently miscalibrated. When they say 80% it may in fact turn out that only in 5 out of 10 similar projects they would be done by the predicted date.

Third Time's a Charm

We had a very successful Rationality Freiburg meetup on a sunny Friday afternoon. We opened our discussion with the Fake Beliefs sequence, and afterward, we played the game Double Crux, which can be a potent tool for resolving disagreements.

We did it again!

Our second Rationality Freiburg meetup took place on June 3rd and shone a lot of light on the topic of rationality despite the gloomy weather forecast.

We met!

The first Rationality Freiburg meetup on Friday the 13th was a fantastic, international event with lovely weather and fascinating topics!

What Is Rationality (Not)?

Rationality is a desire to see the world as it is, not as you wished it to be. It is about accepting the fallibility of human cognition and nevertheless striving to reach valuable conclusions. It’s applying empirical thinking to prove yourself wrong. It’s being humble and thirsty.