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Achieving Goals

Start: Friday, March 1, 2024 6:00 pm
End: Friday, March 1, 2024 8:30 pm
Location: Veranstaltungsraum, Haus des Engagements, Rehlingstraße 9, 79100 Freiburg (Map, Coordinates: 47.98953, 7.83979)
Host(s): Omar
Type of event: discussion, exercise
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Update 23.02

This time we will meet in the large “Veranstaltungsraum” of the Haus des Engagements. You can access it through a different entrance, namely the one directly on Rehlingstrasse, NOT in the inner courtyard. In the picture below the correct entrance is marked in green (the usual entrance in red). Please leave your bike in the usual spot nonetheless (marked in blue).

Entrance HdE


Please read the following texts and make some notes to use during the discussion. If you do not read them, you will have the chance to read the first two of them during the event. It is OK to come unprepared.

Optional reading:

What will we do?

We will discuss the texts linked above. The general topic will be achieving your goals, procrastination and akrasia. People who have not read the texts beforehand, will read the first two on-site and only start the discussion afterwards.

After the discussion, Omar will present the tool Beeminder and we will do the “Internal Double Crux” exercise.


You are worried you have nothing to contribute? No worries! Everyone is welcome!

There always is a mix of German and English speakers and we configure the discussion rounds so that everyone feels comfortable participating. The primary language is English.

This meetup will be hosted by Omar.

There will be snacks and drinks.

We will go and get dinner after the meetup. Anyone who has time is welcome to join.


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