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Thinking Physics (Closed Meetup)

Start: Friday, March 29, 2024 6:00 pm
End: Friday, March 29, 2024 8:30 pm
Location: Grüner Raum, Haus des Engagements, Rehlingstraße 9 (inner courtyard), 79100 Freiburg (Map, Coordinates: 47.98934, 7.83945)
Host(s): Omar
Type of event: exercise
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IMPORTANT: This is a closed meetup, meaning it is only meant for people who have attended at least ONE previous event. Please do not come if this does not apply to you! Why? Read this. Check the list of events to find the next public event, where everyone is welcome. Anything listed there is 100% open to anyone.



What will we do?

The goal of the meetup is making at least a small improvement in how we think. We will practice this by reasoning from the ground up about simple physics problems. I will provide problems with varying difficulty to accomodate people with different backgrounds. The goal is not learning physics (even though this might be a side-effect) but becoming better at finding general problem-solving strategies.

You do not need a physics or math background to attend!

The idea from the meetup is from Exercise: Solve “Thinking Physics”.

You can find the book with the exercises on archive.org in multiple formats (e.g. EPUB, PDF): Thinking Physics - Practical Lessons In Critical Thinking.


You are worried you have nothing to contribute? No worries! Everyone is welcome!

There always is a mix of German and English speakers and we configure the discussion rounds so that everyone feels comfortable participating. The primary language is English.

This meetup will be hosted by Omar.

There will be snacks and drinks.

We will go and get dinner after the meetup. Anyone who has time is welcome to join.

Location (Grüner Raum, Haus des Engagements)

Please leave your bikes in the location marked in blue. The entrance is marked by a red cross.


Learn more about us.

Circle of people solving physics problems

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