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The Hard Problem of Consciousness Reloaded (Closed Meetup)

Start: Friday, April 26, 2024 6:00 pm
End: Friday, April 26, 2024 8:30 pm
Location: Grüner Raum, Haus des Engagements, Rehlingstraße 9 (inner courtyard), 79100 Freiburg (Map, Coordinates: 47.98934, 7.83945)
Host(s): Nawid
Type of event: discussion, presentation
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IMPORTANT: This is a closed meetup, meaning it is only meant for people who have attended at least ONE previous event. Please do not come if this does not apply to you! Why? Read this. Check the list of events to find the next public event, where everyone is welcome. Anything listed there is 100% open to anyone.


To be defined.

What will we do?

After our last meetup on consciousness there was a lot of interest in continuing the philosophical discussions. Nawid will give some impulses and we will dive right in.

Having attended the previous meetup on consciousness is not a prerequisite (however, you do need to have attended at least one previous meetup on any topic, see the note at the top).


You are worried you have nothing to contribute? No worries! Everyone is welcome!

There always is a mix of German and English speakers and we configure the discussion rounds so that everyone feels comfortable participating. The primary language is English.

This meetup will be hosted by Nawid.

There will be snacks and drinks.

We will go and get dinner after the meetup. Anyone who has time is welcome to join.

Location (Grüner Raum, Haus des Engagements)

In the above map the location where you should leave your bikes is marked in blue and the entrance with a red cross.


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