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Closed Meetups

Announcement that we will sometimes have closed meetups that are not open to newcomers. Normal meetups open to everyone will keep happening!

Statistics & Feedback 2024

In 2024 there were 15 public events (so far), not counting book club, statistics study group and meta-meetup. Some interesting facts and graphs.

Statistics & Feedback 2023

In 2023 there were 24 public events (not counting book club, statistics study group and meta-meetup). Some interesting facts and graphs.

Statistics Study Group

Goal: Achieve mastery of the material covered in a standard “Statistics 101” college course. Mastery means something a little beyond just being able to theoretically pass an exam, rather actually getting a good intuitive grasp of the material.

Book Club

At the “Book Club” we read books and discuss them. For example “The Scout Mindset” by Julia Galef.

Statistics & Feedback 2022

Rationality Freiburg started in May of 2022 and we had lots of fantastic events this year. 15 to be precise! On average 7 people attended every meetup, 2 of them completely new. The maximum was 12 people and the minimum 3 people.

Our Social Contract

What is the purpose of our meetups? Surprisingly, not an easy question to answer. For me, it is having a place and time where I am challenged, surprised and intellectually stimulated. Where I feel safe to share a part of myself. Where I can learn and grow.

LWCW (LessWrong Community Weekend) 2022, Berlin

“Who wants to brag about something they did last week?”

That was the question posed to the entire circle of people sitting in a park in the center of Berlin. And then one by one people started bragging and everyone else cheered them on.