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Closed Meetups

March 8, 2024

The meetups are growing and in the first 2 months of 2024 we are already averaging over 18 people per meetup. This is fantastic since we love having new people! On average there are 2 newcomers at every meetup.

At the same time us, the people who have been coming to these meetups on a regular basis for a year or more, feel that sometimes they are becoming too big too fast and that we will not be able to retain the level of comfort and trust that we cherish.

For this reason we have decided to start having closed meetups that are not open to newcomers. Anyone who has been to a previous meetup is welcome to join these closed meetups! The normal meetups, where we welcome new people with open arms, will keep happening nonetheless!

How can you tell the difference? Closed meetups will not be announced online. So, if you find an event on this website or meetup.com, please come whether you are new or not!

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