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Statistics & Feedback 2023

January 20, 2024 (Updated: February 22, 2024)

In 2023 there were 24 public events (not counting book club, statistics study group and meta-meetup). Some interesting facts and graphs.


  • 24 events.
  • 11.38 people per event on average (σ=3.80).
  • 2.38 newcomers per event (σ=1.71).
  • Maximum number of attendees was 21 and minimum was 4 people.
  • 76 unique people came to one or more events.
  • Out of those, 34 people came to two or more events.
  • Out of those, 14 people came to 5 or more events.

Recurring is any person coming for the second, third etc. time whereas New is anyone coming for the first time to a Rationality Freiburg event.

Attendees 2023


The aggregate of the feedback forms attendees filled out after the events.