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Statistics Study Group

May 13, 2023 (Updated: February 22, 2024)


Many of us had introductory statistics in college but have forgotten most of it. For many reasons having a good mastery of statistics is important e.g. to follow the scientific discourse.

Goal: Achieve mastery of the material covered in a standard “Statistics 101” college course. Mastery means something a little beyond just being able to theoretically pass an exam, rather actually getting a good intuitive grasp of the material.

We are working through the text book “Statistics” by Freedman, Pisani and Purves.

If you are interested in joining the study group please come to a meetup first.


  • We go chapter by chapter.
  • Everyone studies the chapter on their own and does all the exercises, to the best of their ability.
  • We ask questions in a Signal messenger group and share resources (links, videos) that help with particular parts.
  • One person prepares the entire chapter as the teacher. We rotate who that person is for each chapter.
  • All the others are the students. They each prepare one hard question to test the teacher on the material.
  • We meet every two weeks for two hours:
    • The teacher explains the entire chapter in 30 minutes. Everyone in theory already knows everything so its most beneficial for the teacher themself, but it is good re-inforcement for everyone.
    • The teacher hides one lie in their lecture.
    • The students have to find the lie.
    • The students ask the teacher their question to verify the teacher’s knowledge.
    • We discuss any parts of the material or exercises that were unclear to anyone.
    • Finally, we eat something and relax 😊.